Thursday, August 10, 2017

15 August Favorites

The month of August is just bursting with culinary delights! It’s my favorite month for multiple reasons, most of them involving bursting bins and groaning tables in my favorite markets. So much of the best, sweet, juicy produce gets downright abundant this time of year. Abundant enough to use in a recipe rather than just eat out of hand. Tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, summer squash, the occasional eggplant, and summer herbs like basil drive my summer main dish recipe madness. But don’t forget dessert, especially if it is fueled by plump stone fruits and sweet melons. As a bonus for me, my birthday is in early August, followed closely by my husband’s birthday and then our wedding anniversary. And that of course means cake.

Here are 15 favorite recipes that are great in August. They fall into three basic categories: savory dishes that feature fresh, abundant vegetables, fruit desserts and baked goods, and birthday sweets. Most, but not all, of these were posted to The Messy Apron in the month of August. Most, but not all, need to be enjoyed at or near this time of year.

I love tomatoes and cucumbers, so they feature prominently in many of my August favorites. For pure, uncooked refreshment, there’s

But don’t shy away from a little cooking or roasting, or you’ll miss out on

Tomato and Beef Stir Fry: such a great combination of beef, tomatoes, and Asian flavors

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: which can be used to make a delicious tart with olives (recipe in the same post)

Some of my favorite August recipes feature other vegetables and herbs:

Zucchini Skillet Cornbread: a great use of extra zucchini

Pasta with Summer Squash,Corn and Bacon: one of my all-time favorite recipes.

For recipes that feature plump and delicious fruits there’s

Finally, a couple of favorite treats for all my August celebrations:

Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting: Chocolate and peanut butter together!?! What a way to celebrate!

Enjoy August!


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