Wednesday, September 21, 2016

12 Seasonal Favorites

It’s the end of September, and the real, calendar-based autumn is here. The big fresh summer taste of tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans might be fading away (although there still seems to be plenty of zucchini!), but they’re being replaced with other delicious wonders. Here are12 late-season favorites from The Messy Apron Archives that I go to year after year to accommodate changing tastes that come with changing weather, and make the most of what’s in season.

For me, salads get heartier in late September. Here are 3 that feature seasonal ingredients like apples, spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower.

While cool salads are still welcome, warmer, comforting dishes are becoming more so as well. Here are 4 warm dishes, including quick pan-cooked meals and savory tarts that help make late-season greens, bell peppers, and potatoes into delicious meals.

This time of year tends to be a busy one for me, so complex breakfasts have to wait for weekends off. This one is worth the time it takes to put together, especially since the leftovers provide breakfast for a couple more days.

Don’t forget seasonal fruit desserts! While all of the desserts and snacks in this list of apple recipes are delicious choices, the 3 listed below are on my mind right now. Plums and grapes deserve a mention this time of year, too.

Apple and Cranberry Crisp (with or without the cranberries)

Apples, pears, cabbage, greens, peppers, plums, and grapes are the centers of my meals and other eating experiences in late September. I’m enjoying them all while I can, because winter squash and hard-core comfort foods will demand my attention soon!


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