Monday, September 8, 2014

Melon and Lime Cocktail

This is a first on The Messy Apron. A cocktail! Sure I said you could spike this Mulled Apple Cider and you could doctor up this hot chocolate with a liqueur, but I’ve never mixed an alcoholic beverage with other stuff in a glass just to make a particular drink.

This concoction, I suppose, doesn’t actually qualify as a cocktail anyway, depending on whether you hold to a purist’s definition. I’m still going to tell you about it, though, because it’s really good. It’s a simple mixture of Midori melon-flavored liqueur and lime juice riding in a vehicle of club soda. It’s fairly sweet, but that sweetness is tempered by the squeeze of lime. Those sweet and fruity flavors along with the carbonated water make it all go down kind of like soda pop. (Enjoy responsibly!)

I just kind of made this drink up several years ago, and I can’t really remember what I was thinking (except, perhaps, “what am I going to do with this bottle of Midori?”). I really liked it, so I started paying attention to measurements and such so I could tell other people about it.

If you like those fruit-flavored bottled malt beverages and hard ciders, this might be the simple homemade drink for you. Other fruit liqueurs would also work here, and I’m guessing other citrus juices would, too. The Midori is just such a pretty green, though! This cocktail, if you’re willing to let it have that name, is easy to put together, fun to drink, and attractive to look at. That’s a powerful triple threat, but it tastes so good that those other things might not even matter.

Melon and Lime Cocktail

2 ounces melon liqueur (such as Midori)
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
4 ounces cold club soda
a few ice cubes

1. Combine the melon liqueur and lime juice in a drinking glass. Pour in the club soda. Add the ice.

Makes 1 cocktail.

What to do with the rest of the bottle? Try this Sweet Melon Soup with Mint and Midori

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