Monday, May 12, 2014

List of Loving: Simple Stand-bys

My most recent work week was a whirlwind of wonder and delight consisting of six days of institutional food gymnastics complete with a sprained wrist (not mine), a broken hand (not mine) and a fired employee (again, not me…and he totally deserved it) that led to what might be classified as staffing challenges, during – surprise! – a state health department inspection with a brand new cook floundering around at the helm (that was me). Of course it all ended in Mother’s Day, which, as anyone in food service knows, requires a crew to step things up a bit.

We pulled through, of course, actually shining quite brightly, but everything went into the work day and suppers at home had to be simple. I relied on one or two (I can’t really remember) of my simple favorites from the archives that I’ve listed as loveable below. The rest I intend to rely upon in the days and weeks to come. (Looks like I better stock up on pasta!). Those days and weeks promise to be better…but I’ve learned to never trust such promises.

Happy Loving!

Simple favorites (especially for spring):

**Italian Chickpeas (from my very first post just over 5 years ago!)

**Soup Beans and…

**Refried Bean Tacos made from the leftovers

**…and Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Energy Bars to keep me going!

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