Monday, September 19, 2011

Just an Egg Sandwich

I’ve taken for granted for far too long the amount of time and energy I have had for researching, planning, executing and recording the results of delicious dishes. I’m in the process of packing up our apartment and moving across town, so instead of made-from-scratch dinners and fresh baked goods, we’ve been subsisting on take-out pizza, pasta, cold cereal and granola bars.

And, as I’m scribbling these thoughts with good, old-fashioned pen and ink, the cable and internet guys are beginning their second hour of installation work on the new residence.

In short, it’s not a very creative or productive time for this recipe blogger. I even had to put off having a simple scrambled egg sandwich with cheese on a bagel because, while I remembered to put the right pan, the eggs, cheese and bagels in the new kitchen, I left the spatula and nonstick cooking spray at the apartment.

This is my go-to quick but hearty breakfast. It’s a simple scrambled egg, seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked flat in a slick pan, folded up and covered with a thin slice of cheese (Harry also likes a splash or two of hot sauce on his). I then melt the cheese, usually by covering the pan for a few seconds, and serve it on a toasted bagel. Usually, I use my 9-inch nonstick crepe pan, which is super slippery for cooking eggs, and make two scrambled eggs for two sandwiches.

Well, by the time I’m getting this into the info-net blogo-zone (internet access has been achieved, despite some minor technical incompetence) I’ve made a couple of egg sandwiches, and I know where most of my utensils are. I’m making back-of-the-envelope (literally) lists of what I’d like to cook in the coming days, and my apron is hanging on its hook, just waiting for a call to duty. There’s fabulous fall produce out there (and in my kitchen), including lovely apples, crisp green cabbage and beautiful squash (plus some beets to hide). So much to cook, so little time!

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